Lettings2Sales Letting Agents in Cardiff

At Lettings2Sales we take particular pride in delivering a highly efficient, professional and cost effective service to both landlords and tenants.

As one of the premier letting agents in Cardiff Bay and Cardiff, we only manage properties that meet all legal standards as we believe that a well maintained property benefits both tenant and landlord. Similarly, we will not let a property to a tenant who cannot supply all necessary references and financial safeguards. To do this we use Rent4Sure, a highly regarded detailed referencing company.

Our mantra is "a happy tenant means a happy landlord". As our lettings manager Susan Beer would say “If I wouldn’t allow them to live in my property, I wouldn’t allow them to live in yours” Because of this, our rental properties are snapped up very quickly as our reputation for efficiently managing a broad range of quality properties grows among tenants and landlords alike.

Are you a Landlord?

Lettings2Sales Property' reputation for handling all aspects of property rental professionally and efficiently means we always have a list of tenants waiting to rent from us in Cardiff or Cardiff Bay.

Our main aim at Lettings2Sales Property is to let your property quickly by finding financially suitable tenants who will take best care of your rental investment. We make sure all tenants are extensively checked and if necessary all these checks are also carried out on guarantors as well.

We believe our role is to ensure that landlord’s interests are best served and this is only done when all aspects of renting and maintaining a property are carried out efficiently and to the highest possible standard. Happy tenants tend to look after a property and stay longer term keeping expensive voids for landlords between lets to an absolute minimum. You can always be assured that your rental property is in safe hands with Lettings2Sales Property lettings and management services.

Let Only vs Managed

Which service suits you? YOU DECIDE?...........

ServiceLet OnlyFully Managed
Organise Gas Safety Cert/etc*
Set Up Standing Order for Rent
Inform Utility Providersx
Check Tenant Inx
Deposit Protectionx
Rent Collectionx
Chase Arrearsx
24/7 Emergency Numberx
Periodic Inspection*x
Co-Ordinate Repairs/Maintenancex
Payment of Contractorsx

* Subject to T&Cs


Tenant Fees


All Tenants are liable for an administration fee when applying to rent a property via Lettings2sales.

This fee is due upon reservation and the fee applies to the property not individual tenants.

Administration fee`s cover the cost of referencing and preparing necessary documentation Relating to the tenancy agreement.

The cost of this administration fee in the sum of 1.5 weeks plus VAT of the monthly rental this is a non refundable fee.

Further fee`s are not applicable during your tenancy period on leaving the tenancy Lettings2sales will seek a referencing fee of £25.00 plus VAT for each individual tenant to provide this service.

Debit card transactions will not incur a fee whilst charges for credit card payments will be charged at 2.5%.

Lettings2sales do not charge a renewal fee at the end of your tenancy agreement and a tenant can automatically roll on to a periodic tenancy. Should a tenant ask for a contract to be renewed for a further six/twelve months then a charge of £35.00 plus VAT will apply.


£300 - £124.20
£325 - £134.56
£350 - £144.90
£375 - £155.26
£395 - £163.54
£400 - £165.60
£425 - £175.96
£450 - £186.30
£475 - £196.66
£495 - £204.94
£500 - £207.00
£525 - £217.36
£550 - £227.70
£575 - £238.06
£595 - £246.34
£600 - £248.40
£625 - £258.76
£650 - £269.10
£675 - £279.46
£695 - £287.74
£700 - £289.80
£725 - £300.16
£750 - £310.50
£775 - £320.86
£795 - £329.14
£800 - £331.20
£825 - £341.56
£850 - £351.90
£875 - £362.26
£895 - £370.54
£900 - £372.60
£925 - £382.96
£950 - £393.30
£975 - £403.66
£1000 - £414.00


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