Overseas Investment exhibition in conjunction with "A Dream Home in Spain"

15th & 16th July 2017

At our Cardiff Bay Office a step by step guide to owning your Dream Home in the Sun


How will Dream Home in Spain LTD work for you?

We offer you step by step guidance, before, during and long after you have purchased a property in Spain. We listen carefully to your specific property search requirements and we will provide you with on hand assistance, with truthful answers to your questions. We believe it is to the benefit of all that you are provided with transparent Solutions quite simply, "putting you, the property Investor above all!"

We are a self-regulated organisation, with over 25 years working in the real estate industry across Europe, with a particular passion and emphasis for the Spanish Property Market. These years of experience in working and selling real estate in other European countries, inspired the Founders, Allison, and Niels Erik, to outline the service they have always provided for their investors. They believe, "The most successful and happy investor is one that is fully informed, crucially before they venture on a flight to visit the locations and the properties they had to offer." The service and the gateway, A Dream Home in Spain provides is what we consider, "The Very Best Code of Practice" when engaging with our investors.

This practice yields the best and most exciting results for such Investors and the Real Estate Industry. The result! Our investors are buying their Dream Homes in Spain, with greater confidence." We can source and provide the widest, range of locations and properties in a given area, currently in Mainland Spain, for our investors, There are very few other Real Estate Agents and other international property portals, that provide access to, 'on the ground' professionals, these are professionals that share the same ideals in providing "A Client-Focused Approach."

As a provider, in the real estate industry, in Spain, we continually addressed the deficit in the provision of good practice and are constantly evolving to provide an excellent investment experience for our clients. Our selection of Estate Agents, Legal advisers, Currency exchange and other professionals, meet regularly in our head office in Spain and the UK to share good practice! 'A Dream Home in Spain' is in its infancy and is working with a core group of Associate Agents and other essential Professionals who know you, the Investor deserves more and they want to provide more for you!

It is our Aim to provide you, the Investor, with the gateway you need for a safe, enjoyable and flawless Property Investment Experience, which will enable you to start living your dream to the full!

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